Create your own calculator in 2 min.

Calculators convert 10-100 times better than corporate websites

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With LeadDoubler you can setup your own calculator in 2 minutes.

Free templates and cloud based dashboard

Your calculator can be running tomorrow

Instant calculators
Financial calculator

Let your visitors calculate their own results instantly.

Perfect for:
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Mortgage calculations
Responsive landing pages
Generic landing page

Landing page designed for all devices.

Perfect for:
  • Lead generation
  • Fast results
  • Prototyping
Special made calculators
Special made

Based on our generic HTML based engine setting up new templates is done super-easily. Provide us with your URL and our designers can cook up a landing page design in 2 working days.

Perfect for:
  • Medium sized to large enterprises
  • Companies that want to spread love to their brand
  • B2C and B2B

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17.132 Leads generated

$411.168 value created

The LeadDoubler promise:

Calculators convert - and with LeadDoubler you can setup your own in 2 min.

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Engage your visitors

That's the key - engage them by letting them discover what your product can do for them.

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Responsive and fast

Mobile technology makes customer decide even faster. With a responsive calculator you're ready for the new era.

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Easy to Customize

You can modify your calculator in minutes - simply by editing a spreadsheet or using the intuitive online editor.

Why LeadDoubler will work for you

By combining the best of the web with the intelligence offered through a spreadsheet you can create your own calculators in minutes offering intelligent answers fully automated.

Work with the best.Our team consists of trained people ready to guide you towards your own lead generating calculator.


A calculator done right will engage visitors and drive them into your sales funnel. All it requires is an idea and LeadDoubler.

Your clients want it. Setup a calculator and you'll be surprised to see how well it works.

  • feature
  • feature
  • Calculators usually convert 10-100 times better than a corporate website
  • An increased conversion rate is the key element to online success
  • Our customers never do cold canvas
  • Neither should you

Creating tools your clients and visitors want and use is the key to success.

Our experts are ready to help you getting started

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Calculator example

Instant loan calculator example

Let's Take a Closer Look

A typical LeadDoubler calculator



Have a look at what LeadDoubler is

  • Create your own calculator - by uploading a spreadsheet
  • Insert the calculator on any HTML based website
  • Calculators work on smartphones, tablets, iPads and normal browsers
  • Lead Management included
  • Ajax based calculators - doesn't require page reload
  • Allows sliders, radio boxes, file uploads, contact form, ebook downloads
  • Https (encryption) based security model.
  • Uptime guarantee trough Load balanced cloud servers
  • Free - premade templates
  • Proven Lead generation strategy
  • Instant time to market
  • Domain manager - (allows you to publish your calculator under your domain)

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